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Our Business

Omni Offshore designs, builds, owns and operates offshore units globally.

Omni Offshore is committed to working closely with oil companies to meet their demand for offshore units and provide customized solutions.

Safety First

"Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely". This core value is upheld across the organization and is reflected in low incident rates and excellent safety record.

Flexible approach to meet client needs

We have developed several customized solutions for clients including jumboizing a conversion tanker to meet size requirements, fast track conversions to achieve target first-oil dates, on-site upgrades to cater to changing field requirements and short-term substitute units to ensure production continuity. We have a flexible approach of working closely with clients to meet specific project requirements as well as catering for various offshore services requirements.

Unconditional access to a large pool of conversion tankers

We enjoy unconditional access to a large fleet of tankers. The in-house data of tankers' complete history, survey and maintenance records allows us to select the most suitable conversion candidate, which reduces schedule and cost risks.

Financial strength

We maintain a generous revolving credit facility to meet project-financing requirements.

Dedicated full-time staff

We have a core team of over 350 highly experienced offshore professionals.

Incorporating operations feedback from early design stage

Leveraging 166 cumulative years of operating experience, we incorporate feedback from the operations group into the offshore unit design concept as early as the proposal stage. Representatives from our Operations team are mobilized early during the design phase.

Utilizing leading offshore contractors

We enjoy long established working relationships with leading yards and suppliers of major equipment and services to ensure high reliability.

The success of this approach is reflected by our 99.99% availability record since 1990.